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The TCW overviews: The overviews containing summary results and processing.
  sTCW Overview Displayed in viewSingleTCW and described in Reproduce.
  mTCW Overview Displayed in viewMultiTCW and described in Explain.
The TCW has six graphical interfaces:
  runASProvides the UniProt and GO information for runSingleTCW
  runSingleTCWBuild an annotated database for a single species
  runDEAdd differential expression (DE) results to the single species database
  viewSingleTCWQuery and display a single species database
  runMultiTCWBuild a multi-species database from single-species databases and perform clusterings
  viewMultiTCWQuery and display a multi species database
And finally:
  DB chooser runDE, viewSingleTCW, and viewMultiTCW can startup with a window to select the desired TCW database.
  ColorsAll applications use the same color scheme for button indicating their function.
  HelpThere are Help popups associated with every panel of all the above graphical interfaces.
  User Guide runSingleTCW and runMultiTCW User Guides walk the user through the demos and building the sTCW and mTCW databases.
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